Reconnective Coaching is a blend of energy work, intuitive work and coaching (said by many to be more effective than therapy).

Reconnective Coaching just might bring you that long awaited shift.  Many have found the results to be relaxing, surprising, awakening, effective and quick.  I will assist you in bypassing your history and story to allow for a transformation of your body, heart, mind and soul in ways that might have seemed impossible before or just out of reach. You will learn to access your inner most desires and to finally break free of the road blocks that have been set in place.  As the relationship with your authentic self deepens, we will address and eliminate self sabotage and tap into your true source of inner guidance that has the best intentions set out for you.

With Reconnective Coaching you will:

  • Experience relaxing energy work:
    If you have any experience with Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Reiki or other energy work before you will be extremely comfortable with the process.
  • Experience being coached to get to the root of the issue, patiently, quickly and effectively.
  • Experience the clarity of KNOWING what your next Action step is.

Your individualized program will be uniquely tailored to your needs based on your 90 Minute Breakthrough Intro Session. 90 Minute Breakthrough Intro Session will include at least 3 individualized action steps based on your particular wants and needs.

E-mail Nicole to schedule your session(s) or for any Questions


Here’s what you need to know for your session

  • Each session will be 75-90 min in length
  • Schedule the session during a time where you can be alone and undisturbed
  • Best to schedule during daylight (I am on MST time, Santa Fe, NM)
  • Best to find a comfortable place where you can lay down, but not fall asleep (Ideal is on the floor with your head propped up on a pillow or any place that is comfortable)
  • We will connect via Skype or Phone during the entire session
  • I will ask that you send a current photo of yourself so that I can remain focused on you during the session
  • I will walk you through the process and answer any questions before we begin
  • The Energy session will last 20-30 min, and the remainder will be discussing your experience as well as creating your action steps
  • Prepare by being open to the process and know that you will get just what you need during our session together
  • A quick note: If you doubt the process, then you will be fighting that doubt for most of the session, be open minded and great things are sure to come!

Here are just a few Happy Clients

“Nicole is a conscientious, intuitive healer. She takes you through the process gently yet concisely. The experience is quite fascinating and effective. I found her results to be surprising and accurate. I recommend that anyone new to working with Nicole be open to energetic healing and the concept of quantum healing. Be ready to delve into your subconscious and take active steps with her guidance. Prior to my sessions with her, I had no idea what to expect. What I discovered was a process that relaxes the mind, spirit and body. I can see that this is a practice that should be done on an ongoing basis because over time your connection with Nicole would strengthen. Therefore, the healing sessions would be more effective. At the minimum, take advantage of the three-session package because my third session by far had the best results.”  Lara-Rose, Usana, Independent Associate, Canada

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“I am blown away by my session with Nicole today. WOW. I have been having a difficult time lately, feeling lost and not sure of myself or of my direction. In ONE session Nicole shed light on an issue that I have carried with me my entire life. Not only did she bring to my awareness something I have NEVER thought of, she helped me with some action steps to release this “baggage” that has been preventing me form being my true self. I now have a feeling of peace and lightness. Nicole is heartwarming, a really good listener, empathetic and smart! I am excited to work with her again.” Andrea Burke, Missoula Montana

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Prior to my first session, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Reconnective Coaching. I was curious and decided to give it a try. Nicole made everything really easy. She was very thorough at explaining the process and helping me to feel comfortable. I totally enjoyed the guided meditation, it was so relaxing. The energy sessions are amazing! Nicole’s sessions include visualization which I always find helpful. I feel so much better after each session; less stressed, more relaxed and able to focus on things the rest of the day. I love our conversations after the energy session because Nicole is able to focus in on areas of importance easily. I would definitely recommend Nicole to others, her services are so unique and have helped me to gain much clarity.  I feel blessed to have worked with her. – Tara Gesling, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Permaculture Design Consultant, Master Gardener, Motivational Speaker, Virginia


The experience was deep and good.The process is unique, I’ve done a lot of work and have not had a breakthrough like this before. It was a great process, it allowed me to get past the mind shatter and really tap into my inner self. It was interesting, at one point I was getting frustrated,  and I immediately was aware of my stomach when i noticed my frustration – connection with my body as to where I hold my tension. Nicole is patient, tenacious (kept on it), didn’t give up, willing to go different routs to try different things, creative and through. I felt very safe and had a breakthrough that I didn’t expect. The breakthrough was very very cool and unexpected!  Nicole puts you in a state or being relaxed, comfortable and safe. – Lynnette Garcia, California

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“My session with Nicole was Brilliant! I’ve been rushing around forgetting where I am, and it feels great to be put back together again. Nicole was able to pull out exactly what was going on with me with a clever exercise that put me back in my body and excited to be myself again. The session was really inspiring, very practical and it’s great to be reminded that I’m fabulous and that it’s only the media that makes me judge myself. I would highly recommend this session to anyone. Nicole is very intuitive and really hit the mark. Thank you Nicole!” Lizzy, London, England

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“I really had no expectations but I think our interaction together prior to the session made me feel really comfortable. I felt very open to the process and the energy session was extremely calming. I felt Nicole’s encouragement and involvement along the way. The visualizations were not something that I had done before, and it’s interesting to view my interactions from a different perspective. I appreciate walking through the simple steps to clear my thoughts and prioritize my life. It’s good to notice that my overactive mind tends to not be my best friend and to look at these things through a different lens of the hear and now as to what I’m allowing to take my focus. Before the session a lot was going on, so I came to the session with a lot of energy going around in my head and a physical tiredness. After the session my mind felt more relaxed and my body felt rejuvenated!  The benefit of the session was taking the time to give to myself (which I don’t often do) and feeling that this session was souly for me. My intention for our session was to get some sense of direction and clarity and that’s exactly what I got.  Nicole’s words put me at ease, her voice is calm and soothing and most importantly her attention to detail and ability to really listen and communicate thoughts that were related to what I had to say and feel were right on. I felt that she was nonjudgmental and I had this overall feeling of safety and connection.”  Tara, Connecticut

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“I felt very relaxed in your presence and you had a good manner, very patient. It was easy to feel safe and secure. I felt trusting and I’m someone that has my guard up often and it’s not often that I can let that go and trust someone. I felt that you were coming from an honest and loving place. I found the attitude or way of seeing, the way of viewing a situation from the bigger picture and seeing the gift in it. Very useful! You have a different way of seeing a problem and helped me to see the gift and blessing in it, very empowering.”  Rana, France

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“I met Nicole in December and at the time I didn’t know I was looking for a Life Coach, but – WHAM! – There she was. Her enthusiasm for helping people see their dreams, and then break them down into baby steps is truly a gift! Nicole came into my life when I needed more positive nudges to get my life on a truly blissful path. Since working with Nicole, I am eating better, going to the gym, have found a spiritual community and am working on achieving my new career and life journey.”  Polly S., Santa Fe, NM

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“I greatly enjoyed my session with Nicole.  Nicole is very warm and open in her energy.  She provided me with a unique and accurate read to my present life path.  The entire process left me with greater clarity and rejuvination.  Thank you for the energetic healing assistance.” Denise, AZ

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“It was a pleasure receiving energy work from Nicole. I was incredibly relaxed afterwards and had a couple of big breakthroughs uncovering and moving past age old blocks.”  Peter D., Santa Fe, NM


“I feel Nicole really listened, then applied her training, knowledge and experience to determine what the best approach would be for me.”
Julian, Madrid, NM


“The reconnective healing I received through Nicole was a unique and powerful energetic experience.  During the session, I felt a strong confluence of healing energies purifying, renewing, and realigning my body. It feels like being run through a washing machine which leaves your energy body refreshed, balanced, and smoothed out. I have never felt anything like it, and I recommend it without reservation.” – Mark M, Tucson, Arizona

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“The meditation-healing sessions have had a remarkable impact on my level of wellbeing. In the first session I noticed I felt unusually calm. My mind was easy to still instead of restless. I slipped into a very restful state without having to work at it as I normally would. During the second meditation I felt the healing very physically in my stomach, as those hands made of healing light were gently massaging all of the pain out of my internal organs. My entire body tingled, and a feeling of weightlessness came over me. After the third meditation I noticed my entire body was remarkably pain-free.  To my astonishment, the effect seems to have been very cumulative, as the day after the third session I was pain-free for the entire day. That night I finally ‘broke down’ and had an emotional release that has been a long time coming. Resentment and bitterness that I didn’t even know I had came spewing out of me, as though my body couldn’t hold on to these feelings anymore because they no longer matched the new vibration of my existence. I’m surprised to find much of the pain I was experiencing was actually bottled up emotions, and I’m even more surprised that it was possible for energy healings to result in my ability to let these emotions rise to the surface and then leave me.  I feel almost as if I have gone through a three-stage purification where I’ve been given a new chance to think clearly, see fully and feel joy. Thank you so much Nicole!!!” – Raederle Phoenix

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“My experience working with Nicole far exceeded my expectations. She provided me with great information that I was able to put to use on a daily basis. She really listened to me and helped me to figure out my needs and redefine my health goals. I would recommend Nicole highly as a health coach and mentor. Thanks, Nicole!” – Leslie, Albuquerque, New Mexico


“Nicole is a wellness practitioner of the highest order.  She is accomplished in a wide array of disciplines, giving her the foundation to truly embody a multi-level approach to holistic health.  From nutrition, to energy healing, to spirit, Nicole delivers talent, smarts, heart, and soul in a way that empowers you to truly be your best self.  Thanks for everything Nicole!” – Matt J, Washington DC

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“Working with Nicole was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The soft, yet powerful healing energy that comes through her is indescribably wonderful. I left my session feeling open-hearted, inspired, and aligned with my true purpose. In my book, she’s one of the best!” – Shalvah, Michigan

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“Nicole’s energy work is completely unique from anything I’ve ever experienced before. For each of the 3 sessions, I felt a deep sense of relaxation as well as a heightened sense of intuition during the session. When I did this work, I was at a major crossroads in my life – making major changes with my business and my acting career. The insights and images that Nicole got during the session helped re-inforce that I was on the right path and that my subconscious was in alignment with what I’ve been creating in my conscious life. After my sessions, I found myself in greater touch with body and soul, which opened me up to unexpected insights and ideas.  If you tend to think linearly and would like to find more creative solutions in your business and your life, I highly recommend this work.” Natalie Necyfarow, Fitness Coach, Pilates & Personal Training, New York

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 “Until I learned to drop the old story, I was trapped in a cycle of flip flopping between feeling defeated and frustrated.”  Eugenia, California

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