Adaptogen R-3 (formerly Adaptogen Complex) from Premier Research Labs is a world class adaptogenic formula with amazing herbal synergists supporting lean-body boost and premier performance, immunity and rejuvenation*.

AdrenaVen is specially formulated to nourish the adrenal glands and to support optimal adrenal health during times of stress, by combining the most bio-available and biological-terrain-friendly forms of vital adrenal nutrients.

AllerCaps from Premier Research Labs is a botanical supplement featuring a thymus, liver, adrenal formula for quantum-state detoxification and environmental stress support.*

Allicidin – 60 Vcaps

Allicidin (Allicin & Wild Garlic Formula) from Premier Research Labs provides support for healthy blood pressure, clean arteries and is powerful broad spectrum immune-specific support.*

Aloe Pro – 32 Oz

Aloe Pro Certified Organic Aloe Vera Liquid (formerly Aloe Drink) by Premier Research Labs uses the organic inner leaf gel and pulp and offers premier support for the intestines, urinary tract and mucous membranes.*

B1-ND – 2 Oz

B1-ND by Premier Research Labs is a rich, probiotic-cultured, live source of vitamin B1 in the preferred end-chain forms of B1. Vitamin B1 is essential for carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and is required for the bio-manufacture of ATP, the bodys cellular source of energy.

B2-ND – 2 Oz

B2-ND by Premier Research Labs is a rich, live source of vitamin B2 with probiotic-generated end-chain, water-soluble forms of vitamin B2 to meet all the bodys needs.

B6 ND – 2 Oz

B6-ND from Premier Research Labs is a rich, live source of Vitamin B6 in the preferred probiotic-generated, end-chain, water and fat soluble forms of B6 to support all the bodys needs.*

Carnosine – 30 Grams

Carnosine from Premier Research Labs is a dietary supplement with live-source dipeptides that is designed for quantum-state anti-aging, brain, nerve and muscle cell support*. It is ideal added to smoothies.

Castor Oil Kit

Castor Oil Kit from Premier Research Labs includes two 8oz bottles of Quantum Castor Oil and 1 pack of cotton flannel (20x59). Castor oil is an ancient remedy used for thousands of years by many cultures, especially for skin conditions and detox support.*

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