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B12-ND by Premier Research Labs is a rich, live source of vitamin B12 in preferred probiotic-cultured forms. Vitamin B12 supports nervous system health and the formation of blood, fatty acids and nucleic acids.*

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Magnesium (Glycinate) from Premier Research Labs is a revolutionary new form of highly absorbable magnesium. It is a fully reacted amino acid chelate produced by a unique, patented process that is designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance of magnesium.

Polar Mins – 8 Oz

Polar Mins from Premier Research Labs is a polar, geomagnetic ocean mineral concentrate from ultra-pure Antarctic water. It is a highly electrically charged colloidal mineral concentrate for whole body super-health.*

Premier Probiotic Caps by Premier Research Labs contains full spectrum, beneficial flora for healthy intestine support.* This formula is based on extensive research and has been in clinical use for over ten years in Japan.


Q Disc Cell Phone Protector (1 diode) by Premier Research Labs is used for energetic resequencing of negative EMFs from all types of cell phones.

Reishi Immune (formerly Reishi Complex) by Premier Research Labs is an herbal formula featuring Reishi Pro Blend for premier liver, immune and rejuvenation support.*

ThyroVen – 60 Vcaps

ThyroVen (formerly Thyroid Complex) by Premier Research Labs is an herbal thyroid supplement that provides premier detoxification and comprehensive nourishment for supporting healthy thyroid function*.

Premier Vitamin C by Premier Research Labs is made from the richest source of natural vitamin C on earth: Camu-camu berries blended with additional non-hybrid natural vitamin C sources; it contains no synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid made in a test tube).