Sugar & Gluten Free

Next Course: March, 15, 2018

3 Week live/online course extended to 6 Weeks

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Join Nicole White, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and learn how to curb that sugar and gluten addiction for good!

Course includes:

  • Understand the effects of sugar and how it affects your mood, health and the environment

    Learn how to heal without any diet’s or deprivation

    A step-by-step guide to show you how to kick the sugar and gluten blues

    Recipes for delicious sweets and treats using natural sweeteners

    How to heal on a budget and even save money!

    Shopping and Eating out guides

    How to handle social gatherings centered around food and sweets

    Informational Handouts

    Natural and Healthy Sugar Substitutes

    Learn how to UPgrade the foods you eat

    Learn how to read food labels and discover how many popular food labels you think are healthy are mis-leading and full of chemicals

    Bonus Recordings

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Feel more energized, think clearer, release allergies, heal from illness, lessen your medications and notice a release in weight and bloating!

This is NOT a diet!
This is a way to upgrade the foods that you enjoy and love!
Learn how to feel good and enjoy the foods you eat while getting healthier!


To reserve your spot, please Email Nicole for information on how to register.


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