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Kitty LogoWhy this book?
What if you could take the foods you LOVE and turn them into nourishing ingredients that will give you the satisfaction of that foodie item you love and crave, without all of the negative side effects such as:
*  Pain

*  Inflammation
*  Bloating
*  Mood-swings
*  Depression
*  Anxiety
*  Brain fog
*  Fatigue etc.

It’s important to honor our cravings and rituals. Upgrading them allows us to heal in a multitude of ways.

Does your mind ping-pong between:
*  No Meat – All Meat

*  No Carbs – Yes Carbs
*  No Gluten – Yes Gluten
*  No Dairy – Yes Dairy
*  Starve myself – Gorge myself
*  This Diet – That Diet

What if you could stop looking for the next diet and begin to honor and understand your
foodie habits and cravings, by simply upgrading the foods you Love?

How it works:
Upgradeology is based on materials and best practices I teach through the University of
New Mexico’s Center for Life and Continuing Education. The concepts I teach in these
courses, allow my participants to embrace the foods and drinks they love, while caring
for their whole health.

Upgradeology – Upgrade Your Food, Upgrade Your Life
*  A friendly, idea-packed, illustrated journey

*  Understanding the Upgradeology approach and why it works
*  Checklists to assist you in where to begin your journey
*  Cravings chart and alternatives
*  Learn about the perfect food combinations for mood and blood sugar stabilization
*  How to gradually replace harmful sugars for natural and REAL sweeteners that will satisfy
*  Why diet foods and artificial foods are causing weight gain, cravings, and chronic diseases
*  Learn how to read food labels and why it’s so important to understand them
*  How to take the harmful foods and drinks you love and Upgrade them
*  Learn to take your favorite recipes and convert them into healing foods
*  The art of breakfast and snacking
*  How to find inexpensive organic and healing foods
*  List of healing foods and their benefits
*  Shopping and cooking strategies for successful Upgrading
*  Body positive and whole body healing tools and techniques
*  Learn how to release stress and INCREASE energy
*  Delicious variety of recipes
*  And more!

Upgradeology + Bonuses

Order YOUR Book(s) by May 30, 2017 to receive the following Bonuses:

* Upgradeology: 8 1/2 x 11 Illustrated Paperback Book (273 pages) Signed

  • Downloadable Bonus Material: Shopping List, Upgrade List, Upgraded Sweetener
    List and Food Mood Journal.
  • Details on how to use your Food/Mood Journal
  • 45 Minute Phone Session on how to Upgrade the Foods that are creating the
    most dis-ease (symptoms) in your system.

ORDER your Signed Copy of Upgradeology and receive the above bonuses!

  • One Signed Book + Bonuses = $29.99
  • Two Signed Books + Bonuses = $45.99
  • Three Signed Books + Bonuses = $59.99


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If you are outside of the US, in Alaska or Hawaii – additional cost for postage will be necessary.

If you want to purchase a copy of Upgradeology WITHOUT any of the above bonuses, you can find it here on Amazon.com ($19.99 – NO Bonuses).

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